Welcome to the team!

Improving Patient Outcome - one Speedy Response at a Time.

Let's make a couple of things very clear right out of the gate:

  1. We are not out to improve patient care (You already rock that!)
  2. We are not out to improve training (Your OEC training already rocks that!)
  3. We are not out to modify patroller-to-patroller on-mountain communications. Wireless radios just work!
  4. We won't be asking you to fill out an incident report on your mobile device. That just sounds painful!

However, we do want to improve incident response times and resource management.

  1. We never want another guests to wonder how to contact patrol when assistance is needed.
  2. We never want you to go looking for incident or patient information which you should already have easily accessible.
  3. We will provide dispatch the ability to size-up incidents even before patrol arrives on scene (think about that one for a minute?).
  4. We will provide you the choice to share your location with dispatch for informed team allocation.
  5. We will provide dispatch the tools needed to assign patroller requests according to skill set and/or incident requirements.

Alpen Respond is determined to quell the extreme rhetoric and bring our mountain heros out of the shadows... together.