The Alpine Resort Industry

The rhetoric may be rosy but many of our long-standing feeder resorts are in distress. You know, those small local hills to which Warren dedicated his life? As if climate instability wasn’t enough the recent challenges of the Covid pandemic are really turning the screws on our hometown alpine ski areas. Only by adapting to industry challenges and considering the "whole industry" will we make an impact for the greater good and attract the next generation of would-be adventurers.

At Alpen we build tech for all... or we don’t build!

For resort guests

  1. Must provide instant value out-of-the-box
  2. Must consider cold fingers every step of the way
  3. Must be easily accessible and come at little expense
  4. Must have ability to bond guests with mountain teams

For resorts

  1. Must provide tools that bring equal value to all resorts...big or small.
  2. Must not interfere with existing radio communications
  3. Must be supplemental to existing mountain ops
  4. Must have ability to bond mountain teams with guests

What is our objective?

Our objective is simple. Gather the masses and show them a complimentary path to a more sustainable industry. We need to realize that ski industry survival is going to a team effort. Every skier, snowboarder, and resort needs to get on the same page if we want our hometown areas to survive.

At Alpen we're making a greater commitment to the ski industry and the planet. We are dedicating our energy to building tools that help ensure the survival of all ski resorts, not just destination resorts. Organizations like Protect Our Winters are dedicated to ensuring snow stays on our hills as long as "humanly" possible, so the least we can do is help ensure all our areas become safer and more sustainable so that we may continue the experience for years to come.

The Mountain Dispatch Model

The concept is simple. Provide a single team member the ability to triage incoming incidents and accidents, assign and allocate resources according to the role and ability, communicate incidents updates or critical emergent and/or marketing messages with mountain guests in real-time, while also providing a role-management hierarchy to allow for growth and responsibility allocation. Whew...and that's the condensed version!

Everything you need to assist your guests, manage your team, and expand your reach.

A single platform to visualize and manage your hills. Triage requests for help, track your assets, assign resources efficiently, and plan for growth.

Contextual Communication

Right person. Right place. Right time.

Collaborative Incident Management

Proactively keeping our playgrounds family friendly, safe, and secure. Think Warren Miller...the early years. Enough with the extreme rhetoric.

Engineered for Growth

Find them, invite them in, show them the way, and bring them back. Good riddance status quo!

Precise Demographic Insight

Answering the who, what, where, how and why of the alpine ski industry.