What is Alpen?

Alpenist: Noun

An alpenist is someone who lives for exploring the mountains, lakes and terrain of the alpine landscape. Someone who relishes in the rich culture of our natural communities, leads an active lifestyle year round, and champions the conservancy of the natural world. Whether muscle or motor driven, the alpenist seizes every opportunity for adventure. We are alpenists! Together we define Alpen culture!

Some communities have mountains that seem to reach the sky, where others don't seem "Alpine" at all. We love them all! If you crave the natural world, you're an Alpenist.

Crafted in Idaho, Wisconsin and Colorado, Alpen started as a small foot hill of ideas and has now turned into a snowcapped platform to help enjoy and preserve nature together.

Our mission is to build the world's best facilitator of outdoor activity, get inspired, and be connected with one another.

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